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Founder James Kinney


A gym can be intimidating, man... there are hundreds of dumbbells, weight machines, cardio equipment, straps and bands everywhere....including a hardcore local is a beginner ever supposed to find their feet in that steel jungle?!


In reality, the gym is an amazing and positive place. Most of the people are friendly and would love to give you tips and pointers.  Follow these workout plans and get your technique polished by watching our videos; don’t worry! you will be comfortable in the gym in just a matter of days.

Who can afford to spend 2 to 4 hours a day making decorated avocado toast or seven flavored soups!? In actuality, no one in Orange County has the time to follow these complicated recipes. We have homework to do, boyfriends and girlfriends that need our attention, bills to pay, kids and grandkids to play with and lives to live!!!!


The OC Hard Body meal plans are bullet proof.  An entire day of eating the OC Hard Body "way" amounts to 7 to 15 dollars on average.  The meals are so lean and nutrient dense that you will be losing weight and gaining muscle whilst you sleep! Do they taste like crispy cream donuts or dominos pizza!? Absolutely  NOT! But we aren’t here to take the path of least residence that gets us mediocre results. Let’s have you lose that weight ONCE AND FOR ALL and achieve the health and wellness that YOU DESERVE!


No matter if you are in your early twenties or in your twilight years, we are ALL at risk of injury from excessive sitting and poor posture. The OC hard body mobility, stretching, and yoga plans are the absolute ESSENTIALS to improving your body's mobility and stability.  By practicing and exercising these movements, you will have gifted your body the confidence that it can handle day to day challenges and stresses.

With a single annual purchase that costs as much as one pound of wagyu beef(JUST ONE!?) you will have access to the entire OC HARD BODY community website. 


Here you will find the essential information you will need to achieve the physique and health you deserve under one roof. 

Say goodbye to the endless maze of YouTube subscriptions and hello to simplicity. This website is always updating and always growing. Grab your “blessed life” cup of black polenesian coffee and browse our selections now!

Feeling like leveling up!? Upgrade to the gold plan to have your very own remote health coach, providing personalized information and advice just for you. 


DISCLAIMER: None of us are Instagram influencers, sex symbols, juiced up bodybuilders or business gurus… All we are is a group of individuals who love health and wellness with a goal to change peoples lives for the better.

Love ya