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Bleach Circle Eden V6 abrkad




We can't pay the bills. Got to find a job. Second rate re-takes, if you are here for anything more than an evening of pleasure, then look elsewhere. Other than paying, we want sex, a little conversation, and a one on one with you. If you want more than that, then look elsewhere. We are a little expensive, but we're good, so come on down. We are mutually consenting adults. # No-Sex-Prediction-Rule In this game, you may *NOT* change your mind. This rule is put in place so that newbies don't get totally messed up, or experience dissapointments from their partners. The first partner is clearly the one who is in control of that choice, and that choice can be made in a safe manner, making sure that you get what you want. # FakeBondage But in any case, enjoy. # Other Rules This is a bare-minimum safe-sex, bare-bones place. First, we don't allow any kind of DP, C2C, or many of the other things that you find in other, "more liberal" places. Anything goes in there. But we do have a strict no-one-presents-themselves rule, for obvious reasons. We cannot be certain who you are. Second, we are not responsible if you get hurt. Third, we are not responsible if you cause any damages to anything. Finally, we are not responsible if you get me fired. We're not here to be politicians. # Location & WiFi We are behind an old firestation in upstate New York. We only have a single, dusty, dark room. You must be careful to close all of the windows before entering or leaving, and turn off all of your lights while in here. We have an old ladder on a cart that may be used to reach the loft. Everything within a 1/2 mile of the station is owned by local farmers, and they don't like people on their property. We don't want to cause any disturbances. We only use your WiFi if you allow us to, and if you want to be cut off, then there will be no problem. We hope to see you.




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Bleach Circle Eden V6 abrkad

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