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    During this world-wide pandemic, humanity is in need of remote health coaching more than ever. These times are not just frightening due to the increasing spread of COVID-19, but because 80 percent of the population does not meet minimum health guidelines. Just physical inactivity alone(not including poor diet) is the fourth leading cause of adult mortality, and while we enjoy infinite abundance on the surface, cardiovascular disease continues to rise.

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    Remote Health Coaching PERSONAL TRAINING Look Great, Feel Awesome An improved life with a body that is strong and balanced. This service emphasizes proper posture, breathing, and mind to muscle connection to maximize health results with minimum injury. Our goal is to have you reach ANOTHER GEAR with a training method that gets you your ideal body. MUSCLE BUILDING Body Recomposition This service will provide you with everything that you need to know about how to build muscle and get stronger all from remote locations. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced lifter, these EXERCISES will "Shock The Muscle" to promote maximum growth, symmetry, and shape. EXPERT NUTRITION ADVICE Longevity and Performance As click bate advertisements plague the fitness world, it is more important than ever to recieve nutrition expertise from a real, accredited source. Our meal plans are simple, effective, and diverse; did I mention extremely affordable? Plan on spending between 7 and 15 dollars to eat the OC Hard Body way. ACCOUNTABILITY JOURNAL A Living Health Tracker As time consuming and (sometimes) overwhelming it is to be on track of daily health, fitness, and well-being this service is what makes OC Hard Body unique . Get what you paid for and have yourself a health expert that keeps you accountable.

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    Healthy Snacks 1 Serving of PB Fit ____ 70 ​ PB Fit sits at the pinnacle of peanut butter substitutes. This snack has great versatility while containing a healthy ratio of protein, fat, and carbs. ​ When should I eat PB Fit? Preferably at night. A snack this healthy should be your secret weapon to fight hunger pains before bed. 1. 1 Serving of Protein Powder ____ 120 ​ Protein powder personifies the term "Meal substitute". With its high quantity and quality of protein mixed with low fat and carbs; this is the best all around snack for someone who is trying to lose weight while gaining/maintaining lean muscle mass. ​ When should I eat Protein Powder? Any time of the day but preferably at night and after workouts. A snack this healthy should be your secret weapon to fight hunger pains before bed. 2. 1 Protein Bar ____ 120 - 200 ​ Brands with low sugar are: Quest, Detour, Pure Protein. Think!, and Atkins. When should I have my low sugar protein bar? For breakfast with coffee or during the day when you would normally be reaching for a bag of chips. ​ 3. Coffee with creamer ____ 20 - 60 ​ Caffein increases: 1. Epinephrine(adrenaline) which helps fat loss by increasing lipolysis. This increase in adrenaline will also increase physical performance, providing for an addition 11-12 percent output. 2. Release of dopamine: a brain chemical that is associated with a good mood and pleasure. 3. Antioxidants: slow and prevent cell damage caused by free radicals. ​ When should I drink Coffee? Any time except before bed! ​ ​ 4. Tea with 1 Cup of Almond Milk ____ 30 ​ Tea with almond milk can help you "buy time" in between meals. This near-zero calorie snack can help your hydration levels while giving you many of the same benefits of coffee. ​ When should I drink this beverage? Absolutely whenever! Just make sure to have the decaffeinated brands as you get closer to bed time. 5. 1 Serving of Greek Yogurt ____ 100 - 120 ​ Greek yogurt is one of my favorite snacks because of its complete protein profile, low sugar, high vitamin D, and yummy flavor. Add this snack to your weight loss arsenal. ​ When should I eat Greek Yogurt? Have your greek yogurt as a meal substitute and late night snack. 6. Oatmeal Pack ____ 160 ​ This energy packed whole grain contains more fiber than standard cereal, lowing your risk for high cholesterol and heart disease. Fiber slows the absorption of carbohydrates, reducing the impact of glucose spikes while increasing bulk of stool for better regulation. ​ When should I eat oatmeal? Pre/Post intense exercise and as substitute for cheap, refined breads like Wonder Bread. 7. Kind Bar ____ 150 ​ Every once in a while we need something that feels like a "cheat". I chose this sugary bar as one of the few cheat snacks on this menu because it contains a healthy amount of protein and is made up of whole grains and nuts. When should I eat a Kind Bar? Have a kind bar when you're burnt out of eating zero sugar options and need a little pick me up. 8. Veggie Straws ____ 130 ​ Extremely savory. Extremely crunchy. Extremely filling. This questionable snack is ideal for someone in dire need of a salty switch up. Just remember, we generally want to avoid high glycemic, sodium rich options like this. ​ When should I eat a bag of Veggie Straws? Have them instead of McDonalds. Have them instead of a box of donuts. Do not eat them if you are diabetic. 9. 10. Skinny Pop (Small Single Bag) ____ 100 ​ Many snacks are high in calories, containing large quantities of sugar and fat that lead to more cravings and weight gain. ​ Skinny pop is a simple and easy solution to your cravings while bypassing any damage to your healthy diet. ​ When should I have a bag of Skinny Pop? Have a bag of Skinny Pop when you find yourself shuffling around the break room looking for a solution to life. 11. 1 Banana ____ 100 ​ Healthy levels of potassium attribute to a 30 percent decrease in cardiovascular disease. ​ Bananas contain healthy fiber as well as several antioxidants including vitamin B6(33% RDI) and copper(10% RDI). ​ When should I eat a banana? Preferably before or after exercise and as a donut substitute. 12. 1 Apple ____ 95 ​ Apples contain a healthy amount of fiber, water, vitamins, and minerals. Flavonoids and statin in apples reduce LDL cholestrol and blood pressure. ​ Antioxidants in fruit like apples help reduce and prevent cell damage from free radicals. ​ When should I eat an apple? We usually avoid sugary options during the day and especially before bed. Fruits like apples are an exemption to this rule since the provided health benefits and low quantity of calories make it ideal for general well-being and weight loss. 13. 1 Blue berry ____ 1 ​ Blueberries contain high amounts of antioxidants per gram of weight, making this superfood one of the most popular items to ward off metabolic syndrome. ​ Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of symptoms that are associated with stroke, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. 24% of the US population are diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. ​ When should I eat blueberries? Eat blueberries instead of products that contain high fat, carbs, and sodium. ​ ​ 14. Grapefruit ____ 100 ​ A study on a group of obese individuals who ate half a grapefruit prior to each meal lost more weight than those who did not eat any grapefruit. ​ When should I eat grapefruit? ​ Eat grapefruit whenever you want. Be aware that citric acid can harm the enamel of your teeth so rinse your pipe with water after consuming. 15. Kiwi ____ 42 ​ Aside from having 272 percent of your RDI's vitamin C, this native-to-China fruit contains high amounts of zeaxanthin and lutein which help the body fight macular degeneration. ​ When should I eat a Kiwi? Eat healthy fruits like Kiwi when craving something sweet and healthy over items that contain high grams of fat and sodium. 16. Lemon ____ 17 ​ Native to South Asia, lemons help fight anemia, asthma, kidney stones, and metabolic disorder. ​ Lemons are full of vitamin C and D limonene, making it one the best fruits to consume for protection against free radicals and cancer. ​ The peel can function as an all purpose cleaner, deodorizer, body scrub, and face mask. ​ When should I eat a lemon? Preferably at the start of your day for detox benefits. Citric Acid is harmful to teeth so avoid lemons before bed. ​ ​ ​ 17. Orange ____ 62 ​ Orange peels have micronutrients called polyphenols that are known to fight many issues like diabetes, weight loss complications, neurodegenerative diseases and cardiovascular diseases. ​ When should I eat an orange? Eat an orange when you would normally grab a bag of chips or a cookie from the lunch room. Remember that citric acid is bad for our teeth so avoid eating oranges right before bed. ​ ​ 18. Strawberry ____ 4 ​ This extremely low calorie fruit provides an abundant source of vitamin C, B6, and manganese as well as antioxidants. ​ Manganese helps the body utilize protein and amino acids by activating helpful enzymes in your metabolism. This trace mineral also helps metabolize carbohydrates and cholesterol. ​ When should I eat strawberries? WHENEVR! 19. 1 Cup of Tomatoes ____ 32 ​ Tomatoes are a great source of vitamins C, K, potassium, and folate. Folate is important for healthy cell growth, allowing red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. Tomatoes are known to help fight metabolic syndrome as well as inflammation. When should I eat tomatoes? Put them in your eggs, soups, salads, and sandwiches! Substitute these healthy vegetables for high fat toppings like cheese and oils. 20. 1 Cup of Onions ____ 46 Onions provide you with antioxidants, vitamins, and sulfur. Sulfur is a detoxifier which helps remove waste, toxins, and heavy metals from our bodies. Studies show that red onions kill breast and colon cancer cells due to their large quantities of chemicals quercetin and anthocyanin. When should I eat onions? Prepare your sliced onions at lunch time while your meal-prepped chicken warms up in the microwave. I enjoy grilled red onions on top of a plate of egg whites! 21. 1 Cup of Green Onion ____ 32 1 cup has 25% of your RDA’s vitamin C. A cup of scallions contain 2x the RDA of vitamin K; Strengthening bones and increases the bodies ability to blod clot (CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU ARE TAKING BLOOD THINNING MEDICATIONS PRIOR TO EATING). When should I eat scallions? You can have scallions whenever you want as long as they do not upset your stomach. 22. 1 Cup of Celery ____16 ​ When digested, the alkaline benefits of celery help balance your bodies PH levels by neutralizeing acids in the stomach. The anti-inflammatory properties of celery can not just help with an upset stomach but reduce bodily aches and pains. When should I eat celery? This is the ultimate snack before bed, the time when all of our bad diet decisions are made. I have a rule: when in doubt, EAT CELERY! ​ 23. 1 Cup of Carrots ____ 45 ​ Carrots provide a rich source of vitamin C, fiber, vitamin K, and potassium as well as carotene. Carotene is a substance that gives carrots their orange color and when metabolized, vitamin A is produced, known to be healthy for our eyes. When should I eat carrots? Carrots are ideal as a bed time snack especially as we begin to remove high fat, high sodium items from our kitchens. Your jaw will be soar from chewing and your hunger will subside after a light 100 calorie bag. 24. 1 Cup of Broccoli ____ 31 A single serving of broccoli contains a plethora of vitamins including: A, K, B9, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, and 220 percent RDI of vitamin C! As a cruciferous vegetable, broccoli helps fight cancer of the breast, prostate, stomach, colorectal, kidner, and bladder. When should I eat broccoli? Unless you are on blood thinners, eat broccoli whenever you’d like! I prefer to eat vegetables as snacks throughout the day and especially before bed to ward off any cravings. 25. 1 Cup of Cauliflower ____ 27 ​ Cauliflower contains almost all of the essential vitamins we need during the day as well as containing choline. Choline is an important vitamin that helps with muscle and liver function while improving brain performance and memory. When should I eat Cauliflower? Although not as powerful as broccoli, cauliflower is far more powerful as a weight loss aid; giving your kitchen the best rice/carb substitute of all time. Remember, a cup of cauliflower is 27 calories while rice contains a whopping 207 Kcal per cup! ​ 26. 1 Cup of Spinach ____ 7 ​ Dark leafy greens are excellent sources for hair, skin, nails and bone health. This vegetable has an abundent source of proteins, fiber, and vitamins for a tiny amount of calories. Studies show that spinach reduces oxidative stress via antioxidants; it is a favorite amongst those trying to lose weight. When should I eat spinach? Look at the calories! Remember to cook them so the calcium and iron become more available for your body to utilize. ​ ​ 27. 1 Cup of Lettuce ____ 5 ​ Anything that is 5 calories is going to be a great choice for weight loss. Amongst small amounts of vitamin C, A, K, and folate, lettuce contains plenty of water to help keep you hydrated. When should I eat lettuce? Whenever! If weight loss is your goal, substitute bread sandwiches for lettuce wraps and bags of chips for a small salad with some fruit. ​ ​ 28. 1 Cup of Brussel Sprouts ____ 38 ​ In just one cup, Brussel Sprouts contain the recommended daily requirement of vitamins C, giving this cruciferous vegetable a healthy reputation for its high antioxidants and contributor to stronger bones and better blood clotting(vitamin K). When should I eat brussel sprouts? Eat brussel spouts earlier in the day as a substitute for pastas, white bread, rice, and potatoes. Although cruciferous vegetables are extremely beneficial for your body, too much can produce G.I issues like cramping, bloating, and gas. 29. 1 Cup of Cabbage ____17 ​ Cabbage is a good source of vitamins C and K while containing smaller amounts of manganese, B6, folate, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Remember to cook your vegetables so the nutrients can be more easily absorbed by the body. When should I eat cabbage? Add some steamed cabbage to your bowl of cooked vegetables before bed or in your salad at lunch. 30. 1 Cup of Potato ____116 ​ Potatoes contain a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals as well as fiber, but this is a benefit shared with many other vegetables. Unfortunately, potatoes are high on the glycemic index. Starchy vegetables like potatoes evoke blood sugar spikes making them a bad choice for obese/diabetic individuals. When should I eat potatoes? Have a potato with a balanced variety of other fibrous vegetables to reduce the blood sugar spike; and avoid fats with added salt as condiments. If you are someone in a healthy weight range: BMI of 18.5 - 24.9 then it is ideal to have a potato an hour before exercising, fueling your intense work with elevated sugar and glycogen. 31. 1 Cup of Sweet Potato ____ 114 ​ By large, sweet potatoes and white potatoes are the same in nutritional content. In my opinion, cooked sweet potatoes are better for weight loss because they can be eaten plain and still taste amazing. When should I eat a sweet potato? Prior to moderate exercise or post very intense exercise. 32. 1 Cup of Cucumber ____ 16 ​ Cucumbers are not exciting. They are neither sweet nor sour and many people do not see why they are so amazing. Cucumbers are amazing because they are not exciting. This dissatisfaction makes you come back for more and more and by the time you’ve had 100 calories worth, you are totally stuffed. This phenomenon is the secret to weight loss. When should I eat cucumbers? Before bed as the ultimate snack substitute. 33. 1 Artichoke ____ 76 ​ The high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins/minerals make artichoke one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat. Artichoke extract has been subject to many health studies revealing that it has lowered LDL cholesterol, reduced blood pressure, improved liver function, improved gut bacteria and G.I issues, When should I eat artichoke? You can eat artichokes whenever you want, as long as they aren’t dipped in butter and covered in salt. 35. 1 Cup of Garlic ____ 150 - 200 ​ Sulfur has been proven to detox the body of harmful heavy metals and allicin which improves blood flow to sexual organs. They are a healthy condiment to be added to almost everything savory as long as high fat oils are left out. When should I eat garlic? If you enjoy garlic then have it whenever you want! Just remember that they are not as low in calories as other options listed above. They are what I call “sneaky calories”. ​ 36. 1 Cup of Zucchini ____ 20 ​ Zucchinis seem to be more like a multivitamin than a food choice for they contain small amounts of the vitamins you see on your common multivitamin nutrition label, especially vitamin A; which is especially good for vision. Zucchini extract contains cancer fighting properties and can improve bone, thyroid and prostate health. When should I eat zucchini? Healthy, low-calorie vegetables like zucchini should be eaten whenever you would normally be reaching for high glycemic options like potato chips or cookies. ​ ​ 37. 1 Cup of Peas ____ 120 ​ Peas have 4 times the protein than carrots and in one cup of peas you will get 64% of your RDI’s vitamin A. Unfortunately, peas have anti nutrients which interfere with mineral absorption as well as cause stomach discomfort. When should I eat peas? Peas have plenty of fiber per serving, making them a more satiating option and an ideal snack especially before bed. ​ ​ 38. 1 Cup of Bell Pepper ____ 39 ​ The average bell pepper comprises of about 90% water, making it an extremely light option to add to your new diet. There is more than enough vitamin C in a single bell pepper, making up 169% of your RDI. ​ When should I eat bell peppers? Bell peppers work anytime of the day, whether they are garnished on a plate of egg whites or cut into slices for a salad. You should not have bell peppers if allergic and/or sensitive to spicier foods. 39. 1 Cup of Avocado ____ 240 ​ Although high in calories, avocados contain mono-saturated fats; known to reduce inflammation, increase HDL/lower LDL, decrease blood pressure, increase satiation, and prevent arthritis. When should I eat an avocado? Have an avocado for breakfast or for lunch! Just remember: These fatty fruits are VERY high in calories, transforming your lean meal into something you might not have expected.

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